Wednesday, August 6, 2014

An App a Day ~ Day 3: Notability & a Freebie!

Ever sit down to work on an assignment, walk away for a moment, and come back only to discover your cat has decided to add his own little creative touches to your work? Thank goodness for the "Undo" button!

Today I'm sharing one of my very favorite apps and a freebie of a math assignment my kids absolutely loved! Notability is a note-taking app that is easy to use - perfect for my second graders and great for older kids as well. Send kids an assignment using Showbie, Dropbox, or your favorite assignment app. Kids then send the assignment to Notability. Once there, they can write in multiple thicknesses and colors, highlight, and type right on the assignment!

This is the toolbar:  

The kids love that they can record their voice and their movements while they work. I often tell them to choose one problem and record themselves working through it. This way I can see all 30 of my kids as they solve rather than those few that I managed to get to during work time. If they're struggling with a problem, they can record their questions and show me how they tried to solve it. I can use that to reteach or clarify the next day. It's amazing!

Here are some screenshots of my kiddos work:

You can see he's used a few colors in doing his work. When he was done, he sent it back to Showbie so I could grade it. My marks are in hot pink. When I was done, he was able to open it again and fix his mistakes. Considering this is a 6 page document, I saved 180 pieces of paper by sending it to them on their iPads!

And now for today's freebie! Click here to download a sample of the monster addition work shown above in color and black and white. 

I have an even bigger packet with triple digit addition and all the black and white masters in my TPT store. We'd love it if you'd like us on Facebook and check out Erin's and Ang's TPT stores!

Thanks for checking in with us today! Hope you enjoy your freebie!

~ Erin


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