Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 2: Showbie

You know what I love most about summer? Not knowing what day it is. I love having those moments when I can't remember if it's Monday or Thursday. A friend once told me his goal was to have a flip flop tan on his feet and no watch tan on his wrist. I need a little more time in the sun to perfect that flip flop tan!

Today I want to share the app Ang and I use to send and receive students' work. Showbie is similar to Dropbox, but I like it better for kids. It basically acts like binder for the kids. Each student has their own log-in and you can create whole group and small group accounts. It keeps everything organized and easy to access. Here's a peek at my summer school set-up, which is way more basic than my school year one. I have two groups going here. One to send assignments to the whole class and another for one of my small groups:

I then create assignments - I treat the assignments like a folder. During the year kids have a Math, Reading, Science, Song Lyrics, Projects, Math Tools, and Spelling folders. In each folder I can load
assignments and pages I want them to have. You can set due dates for assignments (I set most dates
as the last day of school) and check in on kids' progress using your computer or iPad. No more taking home stacks of papers!!! You can grade, answer questions, and add voice notes straight from the app! Here are some screen shots from the App Store:

Showbie is designed to house student work, so kids can't use it to complete most of the work you send them within the app. But not to worry! Tomorrow we'll talk about our favorite app for completing class work - Noteability. Kids love using this app for a variety of tasks.


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