Monday, December 8, 2014

Get Moving with QR Codes

Anyone else have a squirrely group this year? Mine definitely need to move...a lot!!! We use GoNoodle three or four times a day and I'm constantly looking for other ways to get them up and moving. The past two weeks we've been doing a lot with QR Codes. Last week when we worked on inferring, I posted QR codes for 5 different photos around the room. The kids paired up and each selected a different QR code. They scanned them, then met up to look over their photos and make inferences about what they thought was happening in the photos. After we got some practice, we went back to our story of the week, Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type, and I airdropped two photos to the story to them. Farmer Brown looks so cranky in this one!

They dropped the photos into a document using Noteability and typed up a sentence about each picture. It was a ton of work (and there was definitely some whining when things didn't go just right), but it's rare to get 100% engagement with 29 second graders, but we had it!!!! Here's the document. Feel free to grab it here!

This week we're digging deep into geometry. After taking a progress monitoring assessment, students got to get up and get moving around the room using Stuckey in Second's freebie, Shapes Around the Room.  Here's some pics of my kiddos getting the wiggles out while showing what they know about 2D shapes. My plan is to grade them, then have them go scan the QR codes to check their own work.

Thanks for stopping by! Only 9 more days until winter break!!!
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