Thursday, August 14, 2014

An App A Day~ Reflector

Though the program Reflector is not necessarily an APP (so don't go to iTunes to look for it), it is a program that works with everything on your iPad and has changed my teaching! This program is $12.99 per license or you can get a package of licenses and save. It is well worth the money.

Here is the link for the Reflector site with all the info (pricing and help pages): Reflector

Reflector is an AirPlay receiver that allows you to wirelessly display your iPad or iPhone. It is available for MAC or PC. Anything that you do on your phone or iPad can be mirrored onto the screen for any type of activity. Whether it be for behavior tracking while kids are working, video, instructions, demonstration, assessment of student work or showing other ways to do things.

In my classroom it is used everyday in all subjects. That is why I am choosing to share this with you. There are other programs that do similar functions, but this is the one I have found is easiest for me. When using Reflector, you have to know how to use Airplay. Airplay comes on a variety of Apple devices, and is very simple to use (even my kids share with it). As I get my students used to it and they understand the rules of it, it works so well to assess what my students have completed (or not completed) and I can show the entire class one certain thing all at once (ex. how to solve a math problem another way or if everyone is having a similar problem on their iPad, I can show them how to do it through Reflector). When we are reviewing content, I have my students get to Airplay but they don't click to show until I tell them to SHARE. As they get better at the process, we can get through almost an entire class of answers in less than 5 min. That's what I call fast assessment and they love showing. You can also show up to two devices content at one time on one screen, which is great for comparing and contrasting. If you try and do more devices, it will slow the program down and make the images smaller on the screen.

The only concern that I have found, is that you have to have wireless internet connection because it is used through the internet.

Give it a try and see what you think. I have found that it is the easiest way to get students engaged in what is going on (because they want to share in front of everyone) and you can see what a number of  students are doing in a short amount of time.

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