Thursday, September 24, 2015

Introducing iPads ~ The First Day

I seriously can no longer imagine teaching without iPads. They make my life so much easier! Here's how I got them into my kids' hands:

1) Super explicit teaching on how to get them out of the cart. We practiced unplugging them correctly and how to use two hands ~ one to hold the iPad and one to hold the plug to unplug it.
2) Then we learned how to use our log-in loops to log into the internet. Apparently I forgot to get a photo of that.

3) Last we learned how to use Vocabulary Spelling City. I always, always, always, preteach a few things about an app or site, then give the kids about 10 minutes to explore. They usually figure out how to use the app really quickly and they remember more because they figured it out themselves. We then gather back together and share what we learned.
 I post which app we'll be using in the morning and which app they can use when they finish ALL their work. This helps with fast finishers and provides time for additional practice.
We have the rule that the volume must be set to half or less when using headphones. Gotta protect those ears!

Check back tomorrow when I'll share how I use QR codes to access websites, do listen to reading, and for research projects! Happy teaching!

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